Single-Subject Credential in Theatre (anticipated Fall 2025)

A teaching credential is a logical extension to a bachelor’s degree in Theatre.

A B.A. is built to expose students to the breadth of the field of Theatre, including design, directing, acting, management, and dramaturgical techniques as well as the history and theory of the craft, providing a strong foundation for future theatre teachers.

The teaching credential program is built to add to that strong foundation by providing you with the pedagogical knowledge and skills to guide you in effectively bridging your content area expertise with the needs of a theatre classroom.

About the program

Teaching high school theatre in the state of California requires a Single-Subject Credential in Theatre, issued by the California Commission on Teaching Credentials. This program is a two-semester post-baccalaureate program that meets the requirements of that credentialing process.

CSUF's Theatre Credential program focuses on practicing a consent-based, anti-oppressive approach to theatre pedagogy, providing teacher candidates with tools to help establish inclusive and accessible classrooms. Our goal is to arm future theatre teachers with the tools they need to change theatre education for the better.

During this program, you will student teach at a public school in partnership with a mentor teacher in a theatre classroom. You will spend the first semester observing, co-planning, and co-facilitating; during the second semester, you’ll take the lead.

Throughout your year of student teaching, coursework at CSUF will support you in improving your teaching practice.

This program's Subject Area Coordinator is   Dr. Amanda Rose Villarreal


How long is the program?


This is a one-year program. If applicants have completed the program prerequisites, the program begins in the Fall and continues throughout the Spring semester. If the applicant has not completed prerequisites, they will need to complete coursework during Summer sessions prior to entering the program.

New cohorts begin every Fall.

What are the minimum qualifications for admission

Minimum requirements:

A bachelor’s degree in theatre,   OR
A bachelor’s degree in any field   and   a passing score on the   CSET exam for Theatre, demonstrating content competency.

Attend a   program overview sessionOpens in new window .

Transcripts show a minimum 2.67 cumulative undergraduate GPA.

What are the preferred qualifications?


Preferred Qualifications:

Transcripts show a minimum 2.75 cumulative undergraduate GPA.

Preference will be given to applicants who have earned a BA in Theatre or who have worked professionally in theatre or theatre education.

Additional preference will be given to applicants whose transcripts demonstrate successful completion of coursework in theatre education, applied theatre, community-based theatre, or theatre with youth.

What are the pre-requisite courses?

EDSC 310, 320, 330, 340 are required prior to beginning the program.

These can be completed prior to applying or can be in progress at the time of application, but   must be completed prior to the Fall Semester of the credential program.

These courses can be completed at CSU Fullerton or another 4-year institution.   Find more information on these courses and equivalences here

What does the program include?

Fall Semester (15 units):
EDSC 410: Teaching and Learning from Language Learners in Secondary Schools
EDSC 440S General Pedagogy in Secondary Schools
EDSC 440F Supervised Fieldwork in Secondary Schools
EDSC 449E Externship in Single Subject Teaching
THTR 442 Methods in Anti-Oppressive Theatrical Praxis


Spring Semester (16 units):
EDSC 460 Teaching Performance Assessment Seminar
THTR 449I Second Semester Student Teaching
THTR 449S Seminar in Secondary Theatre Education


Student Teaching Placement:
This program requires that all teacher candidates complete a year of student teaching, supervised by a Mentor Teacher. CSUF faculty and staff will secure placement on your behalf; once a placement is secured, you are expected to complete student teaching obligations and support extra-curricular theatre activities at your designated placement site during both Fall and Spring semesters.

For more information, see the   Cal State Fullerton College of Education’s Secondary Credential Program Handbook.

How do I apply?


Interested applicants should complete or enroll in the prerequisites, attend an information session, and submit their application and letters of recommendation via Cal State Apply.

For more information, including links to registration for information sessions and deadlines for application, visit the   Cal State Fullerton’s College of Education Credential Program Admissions page

What if I am already teaching and want to add theatre to my existing credentials?

Our intern program is developed for teacher candidates already employed in a public school but seeking a theatre credential.

This includes a full-year option and an Early Completion Option (ECO) second-semester only program.

Find more details here

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