Fall 2024 BFA in Musical Theatre (Transfer Students)
Information and Audition Requirements 

Transfer Students

 Scene from "Carrie: The Musical"



October 1-November 30, 2023: 
Application to Cal State Apply Opens in new window as well as video submissionsOpens in new window

Feb. 4-5, 2024:   Virtual Call Backs 

Feb. 9-11, 2024:   In Person call backs. 

May 11-17, 2024:   Second BFA Auditions on campus 

August TBD:   Week before school starts 

The information below addresses the specific needs of students wishing to transfer into the BFA Musical Theatre concentration at California State University, Fullerton. (If you are interested in any other Theatre degree emphasis/concentration, including the BA in Theatre, please see our catalogOpens in new window or call the Department of Theatre & Dance for appropriate referral: (657) 278- 7914.)

The BFA Musical Theatre concentration is a densely packed, 4-year course package that is difficult (but not impossible) to transfer in to due to the specificity of required courses in the first two years of the program.

For many prospective transfer students, the CSUF Theatre BA degree will be a more flexible — and equally exciting — option! Nonetheless, for those wishing to pursue the BFA concentration, the information below will get you started on the application and audition process.

University Applications & Transfer Credit Evaluation

The first thing you must do is applyOpens in new window to the University.

Once you have applied, please email the Undergraduate Advisement Coordinator for Theatre, Professor Josh Grisetti for a transcript evaluation. This must be done well before auditioning. The Advisement Coordinator processes all transfer equivalency evaluations for Musical Theatre to evaluate whether your theatre, dance and music credits meet our required curriculum, thus clearing you to audition. It is very important to email a copy of your unofficial transcripts, and also the catalog descriptions and copies of course syllabi (if available) for courses that you believe to be equal to the CSUF BFA Musical Theatre concentration prerequisites.



The following course work must be successfully completed (or nearly completed) before transfer students may audition for the BFA Musical Theatre concentration:

THTR 200: Script Analysis (or equivalent), with a grade of C or better (3 units).

• Study of scripts with emphasis on dramatic analysis and cultural significance.

THTR 160: Intro to Acting (or equivalent) with a grade of B- or better (3 units).

• Improvisation, movement, relaxation and characterization techniques for performance.

THTR 141A and 141B: Voice and Movement for the Stage (or equivalent) with a grade of B- or better (4 units total).

• Intensive training in the integral use of the voice and body for the actor; developing skills for vocal and physical relaxation, flexibility and strength. Introduction to basic anatomy and physiology.

THTR 240A and 240B: Acting II (or equivalent) with a grade of B- or better (6 units total).

• Improvisations, exercises and techniques of acting for the stage. Motivation and behavior
in characterization.

Additional course work that is strongly recommended (but not required) for Musical Theatre transfer candidates:

Ballet I & II (DANC 112 and 212)
Jazz I & II (DANC 132 and 232)
Tap I & II (DANC 142 and 242)
Music Theory for Non-Majors (MUS 101)
Basic Sight Reading and Ensemble Singing (THTR 181)
Fundamentals of Musical Theatre Performance (THTR 236A & 236B)
Two years of private voice lessons (THTR 193 and 293)

Video Submissions 


All BFA programs require a video prescreen audition (for first years and transfers). Information regarding audition requirements, deadlines, and submission protocols can be found on the  Cal State Fullerton  Accept’d Opens in new window page.** 

To view the protocols for all BFA programs: Under "Start an Application" select "Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Theatre" > Guidelines (in the navigation above).

Any questions about the submission process can be directed here.

For information about our program please visit the navigation links above.
Acceptance into the Musical Theatre program is contingent on acceptance into the University.

* There is a $70 application fee for CSUF. Students in need of financial assistance are encouraged to applyOpens in new window  for a fee waiver.
** There is a $30 application fee for Accept’d. Students in financial need are encouraged to apply for a fee waiver.


Q: Most major Musical Theatre programs don't accept transfer students. Why does CSUF?

A: It is part of the mission of the California State University system to create a rigorous, community-driven, equitable, and accessible model of higher education — including higher education in the arts. We recognize and embrace the reality that the best and brightest young talents in our nation are not always those who can afford four years of private schooling. Likewise, some promising young actors may not be ready for the rigor of a four year program immediately after high school, yet may blossom through their matriculation within a community college/two-year program. We at CSUF honor that young artists do not all grow or develop at the same pace. For this reason, we hope that our school may serve as a beacon — not only for the students whose talents manifested after high school, but for other colleges and universities who wish to truly create vibrant, diverse, accessible spaces for all young artists.

For these reasons and more, it is important for us at CSUF to maintain a bridge into our programs for transfer students.

Q: Should I audition as a transfer student?
A: The short answer is: Yes, of course!

The long answer is: the BFA Musical Theatre concentration is a densely packed, 4-year course package that is difficult (but not impossible) to transfer in to due to the specificity of required courses in the first two years of the program. If the audition/application process feels overwhelming to you in any way, we encourage you to seriously consider our slightly more flexible Theatre BA degree program. There are many ways to celebrate your love for theatre and receive a 4-year degree here at CSUF!

Q: What happens if I audition and don’t get in?
A: Good news! You will be welcomed into the BA Theatre program here at CSUF where you can continue to study acting, music, dance, and an array of adjacent disciplines as part of our wider Theatre Department community. You may also use your audition for the BFA Musical Theatre concentration to be considered for the BFA Acting or Devised Theatre concentrations.

Q: What happens if I audition and do get in?
A: Congrats! If you successfully pass the jury/audition, you will be given a schedule of classes to which you will be permitted to enroll (with the goal of timely completing the BFA course sequence). That permit guarantees you a seat in the BFA sections of performance courses. From here, simply follow the Musical Theatre course roadmap provided to you by your academic advisor, throw yourself into the work wholeheartedly, and enjoy the ride!

Q: How many transfer students does the Musical Theatre program accept each year?
A: This depends on the pool of candidates and the current class roster, however, 1-2 transfers per year is an approximate average.

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