Website Management

All websites managed by CSUF users are required to coordinate website details as well as ATI scan data to the campus.  Information Technology has created web services, a collection of online request forms and tools, which will help you to communicate changes back to central IT so we can make sure the right people are contacted with any website issues.


Website Setup

A website in good standing not only passes ATI standards but also has current personnel data.  Website setup goes through the process of updating a website personnel and help identify the roles each member contributes to website content and the ATI process.    


Running Scans & Passing Sites

The Campus requires websites be scanned regularly for ATI compliancy and uses Compliance Sheriff to scan sites.  You will learn to identify issues and how to understand who will be reponsible for correcting them.

Once a website has been cleared of errors you need to report that success back to IT by uploading your results from Compliance Sheriff.   This section will show you where to download the file.