Did I Pass?

Verify pages have no more problems

Proper verification means you know that you have no more failures or warnings.  You may, most likely will, have some visual checks.  Visual checks will be something that you should review but will always reappear next time you scan the site. 

Visual checks for a site scan

icon for visual check indicates a visual check issue.  Your scan should eventually work down to nothing more than visual checks. These issues need be checked from a human and verified.  There may be legitimate errors which need to be fixed so its important to review this list.

Visual checks can be revised but will reappear the next time you run the site scan.  When you export your results you do not need to revise results for any visual checks in order to pass; however, we do expect that site owners have reviewed them and verified they are not a problem.  If you have questions for clarification always remember to ask.

Automatic Scans

As long as you validate that these items are not a problem your site has effectively passed ATI compliancy.


Manual Scans

The IT web team will notify you of any issues found during a manual scan and work with you to resolve them and help site owners avoid future issues.  

When manual scans are conducted the site will be set to fail if any issues are found.  Once resolved the site will be set to passing after verified issues are resolved.