Exporting Site Scan Results (CSV)

Site List View

At some point you need to have a receipt of your scan results.  The export feature will allow you to get the latest version of your site scan in a CSV format.

Compliance Sheriff more icon

You will find the more icon at the right of each scan next to the trash can icon.  Click on the "More" menu to open the additional menu items.

Self service reporting

This process is meant to be completely flexible for your schedule.  You do not have to wait until any date to upload your scan data. 

If you have multiple sites and want to space out the work you can complete scans and uploads whenever you want as long as they are a maximum of 90 days apart.

Choose Export Setting

Compliance Sheriff Quick Export

After you open the "More" menu you'll see a list of several options.  The one you need to use is the Quick Export Result.  A CSV file will automatically download to your machine.  Do not rename it or change the contents of the file.  Our import service which will match the file to your site record in ServiceNow to update the last updated information.  

You can delete the file after uploading it.  If you keep the file and download it for the next update it will download perhaps with a (n) extension which our import process can handle.  

What to do with the export:

When your site is passing you need to export the file to upload into IT Self Service.  This process is available 24/7 and does not need to be performed by any specific date as long as you meet the maximum of 90 days apart.

You can find more information in the pass section of ATI verification.