Create / Edit / Remove Website

Do you have a new site or did you find that a site in the All Campus Site index or your My Campus Sites that needs to be modified?  Good news is we have a form for that.

Anyone may create a request just realize that requests are manually processed and may be declined for any reason.

These changes are on Campus websites.  Websites not hosted by the Campus will not be impacted by this request form and should be directed to their management team.  Some requests may require additional verification before they can be fulfilled.


Create A Site:

Request A New Site Opens in new window

Choose "Add New Site", some additional fields will appear:

  • Request Type: set it to add new site
  • Developement / Staging URL: the url that you would like to have on the development server (itwebstg)
  • Production URL: the site at which you would expect public users to enter into their browsers
  • Department: to the best of your knowledge the area on Campus where the site will be maintained
  • Site Name: a common name (non url) that you would call the site
  • ATI Lead: best point of contact for the site.
  • Details of Request: any special needs or additional request that might be required when setting up the site.  The more information the faster we can get it created.

Campus IT will take the first attempt at setting up sites or adding them to the index.  If a department runs their own web servers additional resources will be required to complete the site setup.


Edit or Remove A Website:

Edit or Remove Site Request Opens in new window

  • Request Type: modify or remove site
  • Development / Staging URL: the current site you edit and is not your public facing URL
  • Production URL: the site that you would give out for public users
  • Details of Request: provide us with what you are trying to do to change the current site, the more information the better we can serve you

Please note that these forms are about your site and not the users who work on your site.  To make changes to a user access you should use the Website Access Request form.