Current Students: Virtual and In-Person Advising 

Dear Theatre Majors,

Welcome to Advising for Spring 2023 Class Registration!

Please read the entire page for all important information!

The Advising period will begin on Monday, October 3, 2022. You’ll find your Advisor on the list below: 

(link to list of advisors at the bottom of the page)

October 3:  The Spring 2023 Schedule of Classes goes live; advising for fall begins.
October 28:  Spring registration begins for continuing students; check your portal for your registration window!

VisitOpens in new window our Academic Roadmap pages which contain important information about your degree of choice.

All incoming first year students for Fall 2022 will receive a track of classes from Denean Dyson.

All Seniors (including BFA Acting and MT) and graduating students for Spring 2023, Summer 2023 and Fall 2023 semesters need to see Katie Wilson, for grad checks! 

To get started:
1. Check the list below to find your assigned Advisor. (Your Advisor is assigned solely on the degree/concentration you intend to graduate in)
2. Make note of your Advisor’s name and visit TitanNetOpens in new window . This will take you to a new webpage.
3. In TitanNet select Advising then Theatre and Dance Advising, then follow the prompts.
4. Your advisor will go over your plan for Spring 2023 courses as well as your courses for the future.  

Resources - To Make These Plans use:
• How do I schedule an appointment in TitanNet? You can book a virtual or in-person advising appointment through your portal or the Navigate Student app. 

View the instructionsPDF File Opens in new window on how to download the Navigate Student app and how to schedule your appointment. 

How to scheduleOpens in new window through the Navigate Student app.

• Schedule of Classes for Spring 2023 (visit the Class Schedule on your student portal)

Essential FormsOpens in new window from Registration and Records including

o Excess Unit form 
o Change of Major form 
o Retroactive forms 

After your advising session, your Advisor will inform the department that you have completed the advising and your hold will be released. 

BFA Musical Theatre:

Sophomore and Juniors: Josh Grisetti, Advisor

Seniors: Katie Wilson , Advisor

Academic Roadmaps

BFA Devised/physical Theatre

Anne James, Advisor 

David Nevell, Advisor 

Academic Roadmaps

General (BA Theatre)

Katie Wilson, Advisor

Eve Himmelheber, Advisor

Academic Roadmaps

BFA Acting:

Sophomores: Maria Cominis, Advisor

Juniors: John Short, Advisor 

Seniors: Katie Wilson , Advisor

Academic Roadmaps

BA THTR Students Advising: (see advisor by Your Last name)

Ace-Bry: Fred Kinney (advisor)
Bum-Dal: Heather Denyer (advisor)
Dani-Galv: Amanda Rose Villarreal (advisor)
Gam-Hicks: Mark Ramont (advisor)
Higa-Lant: David Nevell (advisor)
Lara-Medi: Marty Austin Lamar (advisor)
Migu-Ruvira: Katie Wilson (advisor)
Sal-Zaz: Eve Himmelheber (advisor)

Specialized Studies:

Directing/ Playwriting: Mark Ramont, Advisor 

Design & Technical Production

Make-up/Costume: Hyun Sook Kim, Advisor

Scenery: Fred Kinney, Advisor  

Scenery: Carolyn Mraz, Advisor  

Technical Direction: JR Luker, Advisor  or Bill Meyer, Advisor

Stage Management: Jamie Tucker, Advisor 

Lighting/Sound: Scott Bolman, Advisor  

Make-up/Costume: Katie Wilson, Advisor  

All Seniors and graduating students for Spring, Summer or Fall 2023 need to see Katie Wilson, for grad checks! 

Academic Roadmaps

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