Kyung Sun Cho

Professor and Program Coordinator, Drawing and Painting

Kyung Sun Cho


Location: VA 290B
Phone: (657) 278 - 3006

Please contact the Art Department Office 
(657-278 -3471) for current office hours


Art 107, Beginning Drawing
Art 207A,B, Drawing and Painting
Art 307A,B, Drawing and Painting
Art 487A, Senior Critique, Drawing and Painting
Art 487C, BFA Capstone, Drawing and Painting
Art 499, Independent Research
Art 507A, Grad Seminar: Painting and Image Making
Art 507C, Grad Seminar: Special Topics in Art
Art 597, Graduate Project
Art 599, Independent Graduate Research


Kyung Sun Cho received her BA, MA and MFA in Drawing and Painting from The University of California, Berkeley. She is recipient of the Regents Fellowship and Eisner Prize from The University of California. Kyung Sun received research awards to study Milagros in Brazil, to investigate Japanese Woodblock prints in New York, including a Fellowship in Korea Studies from The Korea Society and The Freeman Foundation. She was born in Korea, raised in Brazil, educated in the U.S. and now lives in Los Angeles.