Christian Hill

Associate Professor, Illustration

Ray Hein, Water Wall, 1970 (sculpture)


Location: VA 290A
Phone: (657) 278 - 2418

Please contact the Art Department Office 
(657-278 -3471) for current office hours


ART 363A, Illustration (traditional media)
ART 363B, Illustration (digital media)
ART 363C, Advanced Digital Illustration
ART 483B, Pictorial Background
ART 483C, Special Studies in Illustration
ART 499, Independent Graduate Research
ART 503C, Graduate Problems, Illustration
ART 599, Independent Graduate Research


In his teens, Christian Hill had his first comics published while living in Europe. He received his Bachelor’s in Art History from University of Missouri, Columbia and his Master’s of Fine Arts in Illustration from CSUF. For the last few years, he has championed the study of the art of the graphic novel, especially for younger readers, at conferences and universities across the country (Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators, University of Central Florida, UCLA Extension, San Diego Comic-Con, College Art Association, and more). In 2003, he contemplated the untapped potential of comic art in the gallery and pioneered a new form of comics: gallery comics. Gallery comics are comics for the wall rather than for the page. They combine the textual, visual, and narrative dimensions of comic art with the experience of viewing paintings and prints. The New York Society of Illustrators and the Laguna Art Museum recently exhibited Hill’s art, and Entertainment Weekly reviewed his most famous gallery comics, “Stars, Crosses, and Stripes.” His comics have appeared in anthologies (Parables, ________ Are Fun to Draw), and he has also freelanced for 10 years as an illustrator and web artist for Disney, the Smithsonian, and many dot coms. He frequently contributes articles on the medium of graphic novels to the International Journal of Comic Art and in other publications. He volunteers with the National Association of Comic Art Educators. He is busy working on a children’s graphic novel project.

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