Emigdio Vasquez: Retrospective
August 27 – September 29, 2011
Curator | Mike McGee 

Emigdio Vasquez, 'John the Prophet'

Acquired Taste: Food and the Art of Consumption
October 29 – December 11, 2011
Curators | Alyssa Cordova & Heather Richards-Siddons*

Dustin Wayne Harris, 'Chloe 2'

No Regrets: 2012 Faculty Show
January 28 – March 1, 2012
Curators | Mike McGee

Nobuhito Nishigawara (sculpture installation)

Steampunk: The Beginning
April 7 – May 10, 2012
Curator | Mike McGee

Douglas Sirois (artwork)

*Denotes exhibitions conceptualized and organized by MA/MFA Exhibition DesignOpens in new window  students in partial fulfilment of requirements for graduation. 

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