Students get portfolio feedback from industry professionals


The Los Angeles area is one of the nation’s major art centers with a broad and diverse range of opportunities for fine artists as well as animators, artists and designers preparing to enter the fields of graphic design, entertainment promotion, film special effects, publication design, website and interactive design, video gaming and animation.

Nurturing talent that will join the workforce has been a high priority of the Visual Arts Department since its inception and we pride ourselves on the success that our alumni have achieved. To give students an opportunity to transition from an academic environment to a real world experience internships are required during the senior year in several of the BFA program concentrations. Each student completes 120 or more hours in a semester in a professional environment. This on-the-job experience is often the first step to a permanent position following graduation.

At the close of each semester, art directors and recruiters from design studios, advertising agencies, publications, and product development companies, illustrators and artists (concept, storyboard, layout and background, and CGI artists among many other specialists) from animation and video game studios are invited to review the portfolios of student interns. Information regarding the procedures for registering should be directed to the department office staff.

Please see the below links for more information on current internship opportunites, or contact the program coordinator for your area of study:

CSU Media Internship Program
CSUF Career Center
CSUF Center for Internships and Community Engagement