Instrumental Jazz Placement Auditions

All students in the CSUF School of Music are required to participate in a major performing ensemble (MPE) each semester. Jazz students are required to perform an ensemble placement audition for participation in our flagship big band, the Fullerton Jazz Orchestra, our Latin Ensemble, (both winners of the 2018 Reno Jazz Festival), our Jazz Chamber Ensemble (big band II), our Jazz Small Groups and the Fullerton Jazz Singers.

In our B.M. and M.M. degrees in Jazz Studies, we teach you what you need to be a successfully employed jazz/pop musician and educator, through courses in improvisation, composition, arranging, pedagogy, music technology and music production.


Who Must Audition

  • Music Majors: All woodwind, brass, piano, bass, guitar, drum-set and mallet percussion music majors, and anyone else wishing to participate in our jazz big bands, latin ensemble and small groups.


  • Non-music majors : Jazz is a fun and essential part of your education as a music major. Even if you don't have experience playing jazz in the past, we have a place for you, and we encourage you to participate no matter what your major or emphasis.


Live Auditions

Sunday, August 21, 2022 - 9:00a-9:00p - CPAC-119



Callback Auditions

Callback Auditions for certain chairs in the big bands will be held on Monday, August 22. Exact times and room, TBA

Audition Materials

    1. A transcribed solo or jazz etude (guitarists may play a chord/melody study) of your choice, at least 32 bars. Any tempo is OK, with or without music..
    2. Play the melody of a bebop head or standard jazz tune, and improvise on the changes, at least two choruses (for a 12 or 16 bar tune, at least 3). In addition, rhythm section players comp for a chorus. Drummers need to prepare the melody on the kit, improvise over the form and/or trade 8th’s. Accompanists for aill will be provided
    3. • In addition, be prepared to play the melody an improvise on the following tune:
      "Like Someone In Love"PDF File Opens in new window  
    4. Sight-reading at the audition



Jazz Singers

Audition information for Jazz Singers. 



Bill Cunliffe
Director of  Jazz Studies
Office: CPAC-227B
Phone: (657) 278-8236


Rodolfo Zuniga
Assistant Professor of Jazz Studies
Office: CPAC-232
Phone: (657) 278-3598

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