Student Recital Information


Each music major is required to present one or more recitals or a project appropriate to the degree program before being approved for graduation.

Recitals at the 300 level of performance are designated Music 398; recitals at the 400 level of performance are designated Music 498; recitals at the graduate level of performance are designated Music 597.

Below is information you will need to know before giving your recital.

Recital Meeting

  1. Read the appropriate recital packet
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  3. Complete the comprehension quiz with 100%.  
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    Submissions accepted after the recital meeting through the third week of classes

Recital Program & Production Needs

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of recital am I doing?

B.A. Music Education or Liberal Arts
Bachelor of Arts majors will do one "Senior Recital" at the 300 level (398).

B.M. Performance
The Bachelor of Music majors will do two recitals. One "Junior Recital" at the 300 level (398), and one "Senior Recital" at the 400 level.(498)

Graduate (M.M. / M.A.)
Graduate students will present a total of 3 units for their project. The specific parameters of the project will be determined by the student's graduate study plan. "Graduate Recitals" are at the 500 level (597).

Artist Diploma
Artist diploma students will present two graded recitals at the 500 level (597).

When is the recital meeting?

The Friday before classes start for the semester.

What happens if I do not complete the recital meeting?

Those that do not complete the recital meeting will note be allowed to schedule a recital on-campus.  Please follow the steps under the "Recital Meeting" section.

I have already done a recital and attended a recital meeting in a previous semester, do I still need to complete the meeting?

Yes. You must complete the recital meeting each semester you present a recital. Policies and Procedures change from time to time.

When may I schedule my recital?

If you are going to do you recital within the first 6 weeks of classes:  You may schedule immediately after the recital meeting

Graduate & Artist Diploma Students:  Can schedule Tuesday through Thursday of the first week of classes

Undergraduate Students:  Will schedule on the first Friday of classes

Those that do not schedule during the above time periods may still schedule up to the end of the third week of classes.

When may I present my recital?

On-Campus - Tuesday through Friday, during weeks 2 through 15 of the semester

  • Not on Mondays
  • Not on Weekends
  • Not During Breaks (fall break & spring break)
  • Not During Finals Week
  • Any exceptions to the above will be announced at the recital meeting.

- Any time, subject to the recital committee members' agreement to attend

Can I give my recital in Meng Hall?

Unfortunately, no. Due to limited School of Music resources and scheduling, student recitals are limited to the Recital Hall.

Where can I have a reception?

On campus receptions may be held at the Titan Student Union, Golleher Alumni House, Marriott Hotel.

Receptions may not be held in the Performing Arts Building. This includes classrooms and the outside area surrounding the building.

Am I required to have my recital recorded?

All student recitals held in the Recital Hall will be recorded for no additional fees

For more information, Please review the recording guidelinesPDF File .

If you are planning to use an off-campus recording service, please be sure to read the Recording GuidelinesPDF File Opens in new window in the recital packet.

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