Instrument Services


Instrument Rental

The School of Music is pleased to provide rental instruments for its students as an educational service.  They are valuable (some of them very much so).  If you check out an instrument you are responsible for its careful and appropriate use, its safekeeping, and its return.  

The School of Music insures only its most valuable instruments, as the premium to cover them all is exorbitant.  Whether the instrument you check out is insured or not, you are responsible for its care and return in undamaged condition, or for its repair or replacement at current cost.  Please be aware that musical instruments of good quality increase in value with time, and you will be responsible for the appreciated replacement cost.

The approximate replacement cost and the amount of insurance (if any) carried by the university for your instrument can be learned by consulting the instrument technician Chris Searight.



Pay fees BEFORE arriving to check out an instrument

What if the instrument is lost, stolen, or damaged?

If the instrument is insured by the university, you will need to pay the $500 deductible and the difference between the insured and replacement cost, if any.

If the instrument is not insured, you will be responsible for the full replacement cost.

How can I protect myself?

  • Check to see whether the instrument you have rented is insured.
  • See if the instrument can be added to the homeowner’s or renter’s insurance that you or your parents carry.  If it can be added, do so.
  • Check to see whether a theft of the instrument from your car (the most common place of theft) would be covered by your auto insurance, and if not, if you can obtain such insurance.

Is there a fee to rent an instrument?

Yes.  There is a $25.00 instrument fee for each instrument you check out.  You can pay the instrument fee onlineOpens in new window .

Do I have to pay additional fees for each instrument I check out?

There is a maximum of two $25.00 instrument fees per semester.  After the second instrument, there are no addition fees.

Do I have to pay the instrument fee to check out an instrument for a methods class?

Yes.  You will need to pay one instrument fee for the entire run of the class.  You will be issued one instrument at a time, with no additional fees when you switch instruments.  All university instrument exchanges are coordinated though the Instrument Technician.

What should I do if something on my checked out instrument breaks?

Before doing anything, see the Instrument Services Technician to discuss options.

You are ultimately responsible for proper and regular maintenance of the instrument. Breakage due to age, may be covered by the School of Music. Damage due to negligence, is your responsibility.

Before any work is performed on a School of Music instrument, consult with the Instrument Services Technician.

Where do I go to check out an instrument?