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Regalia / Stoles / Cords

Regalia / Stoles / Cords

What do I need to participate?

Basic regalia (cap, gown, and tassel) is required. Regalia, as well as many other Commencement related items, can be purchased at Titan Shops beginning in March, even for Fall 2022 grads. Graduating students who experience an unanticipated expense or unique circumstance have the opportunity to receive academic regalia at no cost. More information here.

What should I wear under my regalia?

Temperatures can be warm. We recommend you wear light comfortable clothing under your regalia. You will be standing in the grad line-up area for up to an hour. In both venues you will be walking on grass to get to your seats so high heels are not recommended.

Where do I get my stoles and cords?

Stoles may be purchased through Titan Shops. Cords are not sold. Colleges that use cords for honors or group distinctions will be responsible for distributing them.