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Commencement Registration

Commencement Registration

How do I participate in Commencement?

You will register through your student portal with MarchingOrder. Registration for all graduates opens on April 1. You must register before April 26.

Click here for detailed instructions on how to register for Commencement:

Marching Order/GradPass

Register your Commencement participation via your student portal by 4/26. Your registration will create a unique GradPass QR code that will be used to trigger name announcement as you walk across the stage.

Please make sure you utilize ProNounce, the third section of the registration page, so you can record your name. Your recording will be used to properly pronounce your name as your cross the stage. This recording must be completed by April 26, 2023 at midnight.

What if I don't have the link/icon to register in my student portal?

Only Fall 2022 graduates with “Degree Awarded” on their transcript or Spring 2023 and Summer 2023 with “Candidate” status are able to register.

  • If you are a Fall 2022 graduate, you may check your status on your unofficial transcript (from your Student Homepage, click “Academic Records,” then “View Transcript.”)

  • If you are a candidate for spring or summer 2023, check your graduation status by logging in to your Student Homepage, then click on the Academic Records tile, then click on Academic Summary on the left. Your status is displayed under your expected graduation term.