Admissions and Auditions


I just submitted my application through CalStateApply, indicating I want to major in music.   Am I done?

No!  There are two steps: you need to get admitted to the University and you need to pass your audition for the School of Music.   Shortly after submitting your application through CalStateApplyOpens in new window , you will get emails with information about the School of Music, as well as how to audition.

When I filled out my application through CalStateApply, it only said, “B.A. Music.”  I want to pursue a B.M. in Performance.  What do I do?

All prospective music students are designated simply as B.A., Music, whether they want to get a B.A. in Music Education, a B.M. in Performance or Composition, etc.   Once you’re enrolled, we will put you in the right concentration.

How do I find out about the audition?

Once you submit your application, it usually takes a week or two for your information to be processed by the CSU to make its way over to the School of Music.   Once we have you in our database, you’ll start getting emails from us with all sorts of information about the program, auditioning, etc.

Do I have to audition on an instrument, even if I’m not interested in performance?

Yes.  All prospective undergraduate students in the School of Music must show proficiency as a singer or on an instrument in order to be admitted.

Are there different standards for students who want to audition in performance vs. education?

Not really.  One of the reasons our education majors have a 100% employment rate is that school districts know our students are held to high standards for both their pedagogy and their playing or singing.

Can I audition on two instruments?

You can, but you do have to indicate which is your primary instrument.  Once you’re accepted, you’ll get lessons on that primary instrument.

I’ve heard there are pre-screening requirements.  How does that work?

For Fall 2021 auditions, the pre-screening requirements for Jazz Rhythm, Classical Guitar, and Voice have been replaced with a two-step virtual process.  You should submit your video audition between January 6 and February 14.   If all goes well, you’ll be asked to participate in a Zoom audition in front of the faculty that will most likely include some testing of your musicianship.

Other instruments/areas are only requiring a single video audition, submitted sometime between January 6 and February 27.

Check out the specific audition pages for voice or your instrument for more information. You’ll also get emails with all sorts of information about the process once the School of Music has you input in our database.

What about Scholarships and Financial Aid?

Go to in new window for more information on applying for financial aid.

The School of Music also offers scholarships to exceptional incoming students.  So go practice!

I’m a composer who works primarily on my computer.  Do I still have to audition?

Yes.  All prospective undergraduate students in the School of Music must audition.

I’m not interested in “classical” music.    Can I audition playing or singing something else?

It depends.   We have an excellent instrumental jazz and commercial program, and you’re welcome to audition for that.   We offer jazz instruction on a variety of instruments, including piano, guitar, drumset, bass, trombone, trumpet, etc.

But if you’re a budding Taylor Swift or Kendrick Lamar, do understand that the bulk of your instruction will be classical in focus.  That’s not a bad thing – many singers, from Billie Eilish to Pat Benatar, studied “classical” singing.   And while we do have a Jazz Choir, all voice majors are required to sing in one of our major choirs.

Do you offer a program in music production?

We don’t offer a major in music production at this time, but we do offer courses in it.

I’m an instrumentalist.  Can I still sing in a choir at CSUF?

Yes!  And if you’re a singer, you can still play in an ensemble.

Where do I go for more information?

If you can’t find the answer on our website contact Matthew Thomas, Undergraduate Admissions Coordinator.