Brass, Saxophone & Percussion - Dustin Barr

Classical Guitar - Martha Masters

Composition & Theory - Ken Walicki

Jazz Studies - Chuck Tumlinson & Bill Cunliffe

Music in General Education - John Koegel

Music Education - Dennis Siebenaler

Music History & Literature - John Koegel

Piano - Robert Watson

Strings - Ernest Salem

Voice - Mark Goodrich

Woodwinds - Håkan Rosengren

Nicole Baker

John Koegel

Robert Watson

Bongshin Ko


Katherine Powers - Interim School of Music director

Bongshin Ko - School of Music assistant director

Kimo Furumoto - School of Music assistant director


Room: CPAC 220

Phone: (657) 278-3511
Fax: (657) 278-5956

Paul Shirts - School of Music Information
(657) 278-3511

Sue Winston - Office Coordinator
(657) 278-3512

Elizabeth Guzman - Accountant
(657) 278-5443

Michael August - Production Coordinator
(657) 278-4807

Bob MinorIT Consultant & Audio Engineer
(657) 278-3834

Chris Searight - Musical Instrument Services
(657) 278-3553

Jeff Lewis - Audio Engineer
(657) 278-8232


Classical Guitar

Martha Masters*
Andrew York*


Kimo Furumoto - instrumental
Robert Istad - choral
Dustin Barr - wind conducting


Jazz / Commercial Music

Bill Cunliffe - jazz piano; arranging; Fullerton Jazz Orchestra, Fullerton Big Band and combo director

 Eric Dries* - improvisation

Jeff Ellwood* - saxophone

Ron Escheté* - guitar

TK Gardner* - guitar

Luther Hughes* - bass

Paul Kreibich* - drum set

J. Michael O’Neal* - jazz piano

Kye Palmer* - jazz trumpet

Andreas Preponis* - vocal jazz director

Charles Sharp* - jazz history

Francisco Torres* - latin jazz, trombone

Damon Zick* - saxophone  


Piano, Organ, Piano Pedagogy

Ning An - piano

Bill Cunliffe - jazz piano

Alison Edwards - piano, piano pedagogy, class piano

Robert Watson - piano

Esther Jones* - organ

Ellen Kim* - class piano

Lynnette Mcgee* - organ

Mikhail Korzhev* - piano/instrumental collaboaration

Masako Okamura-Klassen* - class piano, harpsichord

Grant Rohr* - piano/vocal collaboration

Music Education / Teacher Training
Teaching Credential

Marc R. Dickey - instrumental and University Band conductor

Christopher Peterson -  choral

Dennis Siebenaler -  general

Tammi Alderman* - choral

Timothy Lutz* - choral

Daniel Methe* - MIDI

Debbie Montpas* - chorale

Lori Marie Rios* - choral

Vicki Salmon* - choral

Richard Watson* - instrumental

Rita Watson*  - instrumental

Gregory Whitmore* - instrumental


Music in General Education

John Koegel - c oordinator

Katherine Reed

Larry Timm

Kimberly Greene*

Charles Sharp

Thom Sharp

Matthew Thomas*


Music History and Literature

Nicole Baker -  musicology

John Koegel -  musicology

Katherine Powers - musicology

Katherine Reed musicology

Charles Sharp* - jazz history, world music

Matthew Thomas* - musicology



Bongshin Ko - cello

Ernest Salem - violin

Michael Chang - viola

Ellie Choate* - harp

Miguiel Cunanan* - violin, viola

Brian Johnson* - double bass


Theory and Composition

Pamela Madsen  - composition, theory

Ken Walicki - composition, theory

Eric Dries* - theory

Geoffery Munger* - theory & composition

Thom Sharp* - orchestration

Füreya Ünal* - theory

Vocal / Choral / Opera

Mark Goodrich - voice, academic voice courses

Robert Istad - University Singers and Women's Choir conductor

Christopher Peterson  - CSUF Concert Choir and Men's Chorus conductor

Patricia Prunty  - voice, academic voice courses

Vera Lúcia Calábria* - opera (website)

Linda Leyrer* - voice

Susan Montgomery* - voice

Mark Salters* - opera

James Martin Schaefer* - voice

Janet Smith* - voice


Winds / Brass / Percussion

Dustin Barr - director of wind band studies; University Wind Symphony and Symphonic Winds conductor

Mitchell J. Fennell ** - guest conductor, University Wind Symphony and Symphonic Winds 


Jean Ferrandis - flute

Håkan Rosengren - clarinet

Larry Timm - oboe

Boris Allakhverdyan* - clarinet

John Hallberg* - saxophone

Burt Hara* - clarinet

Rong‐Huey Liu* - oboe

Valentin Martchev* - bassoon

Damon Zick* - saxophone



Warren Gref* - horn

Michael Hoffman* - trombone

David Holben* - tuba

Phil Keen* - trombone and euphonium

Steven Mahpar* - horn

David Pittel* - trumpet

Robert Sanders* - trombone


Raymond Llewellyn* - percussion

Kenneth McGrath* - percussion

Robert Slack* - percussion


*denotes part-time faculty
**denotes faculty emeritus


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